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You Own Me One Night Part 2-Desi Oorschot

Thunder in the day, then the rain comes. Everything gets wet outside, Aura stays warm and dry. She can smell the flowers, all fresh. They are in the big pot in the room. It's a big livingroom. A hotel cafe with the style of a livingroom.
The waiter is walking around, helping the guests.
"Missing you... "
Aura writes an sms.

Then a minute later she erases it. A tear drops from her eyes.
She looks beautiful today.So different. Usually she always wears working clothes or an outfit or a dress that is fit for working. Today she wears a simple silver cocktaildress above her knees with her hair loose. She doesn't understand it, she is busy but she misses him suddenly. There are days when she cannot get M out of her head.
A few months go by.She didn't come to the wedding of M and Maura. She made an excuse for being sick.
Sitting in the lobby with her mobile, a beautiful waiter comes, offering her a drink. She orders marquisa syrup with alcohol. It's sweet and a bit sour with alcohol. Some waiter recognises her already, she always comes there for relaxing and have a drink. Far away from the busy life outside the lobby. There is a big tree in the side of the lobby that takes her attention. The tree is so big. Almost going above the roof of the hotel. It brings the impression that around the tree area there is a garden in the middle of the lobby...with a sofa under the tree and fresh flowers on the table.

Far away from where she is sitting, a pair of eyes are watching her. A beautifull lady, sitting alone with her phone.
It was M looking at Aura. It was not a coincidence that he saw her there. a few days ago when he was meeting with a client, he saw her there with her laptop. Busy typing, then another day also he saw her there in the lobby. He starts to notice that Aura always comes to that hotel lobby, alone with her work or with her business partner. It is a hotel lobby not to far from one of her property buildings.

 "Can we meet?"
A simple sms that Aura gets from M.

 Aura is confused about what to answer. She tries to forget him. All the business meetings, all the business proposals and all her jobs take her away from missing him. But when the day comes in a quiet moment... his face always comes.

 "I am busy" she answers.

 A waiter comes with a drink... a glass of Cranberry juice. She refuses it. "I didn't order it" she says. "It's the wrong order." But the waiter smiles, and says "the gentleman changed your order because you like this he said." Confused looking around she sees some people in the lobby.

 M comes closer to Aura.She wasn't expecting him. She is suprised when she realizes the gentleman who walks closer to her is M. She wants to scream and hug him but she contains herself.

 "It's not good, a beautiful lady sitting alone" M says. M comes closer and holds her hand and kisses her on the cheeck, but Aura is turning her face and their lips meet eachother.She can feel him breathing. He wraps his legs around her and presses into her. Starts moving his hips and kisses her on the lips as if nobody is there.
The rain is getting harder in the outside. Aura dances in front of the mirror, when M enters the bathroom. He hugs her from behind and kisses her neck.

In the hotel bathtub they hug eachother.In the hot water with bubbles.Roses on the floor. Since that day, they always meet again.
Love will take you anywhere and nothing can stop it. Like a water, Aura lets her feeling flows. She follows her ego  telling her that she cant loosing him and  ignore her brain that thinking to stop her feeling grow.  Feeling in having some one to love again even that she knows she dont have him for her self only.

 She lets the time guide her, to pass her love life and take her to the next situation that she has to face it.

It was a sunny day when Aura was waiting in the check-in area of the airline in the airport. She has an appoitment to meet with M there and they are going to fly to Milan together for 3 days.
Desperately Aura checks her phone,no message from M and she doesn't see him yet in the airport.
2 hours before the flight, the check-in counter is full with the airline passengers.

She tries to call him but no answer. After there is no sign that M is coming to the airport, Aura decides to go back home.
The whole week there is no message from M, he has just dissappeared. There is no sign that he will leave her without any notice.

 A quiet cloudy night. its windy outside...
Half drunk Aura tries to call M. He picks up the phone. He is staying in the hotel during the conference. Aura asks him where he has been. But no answer, instead she hears a woman's voice...

"Sorry for interupting you..." Aura says in a low voice.
"No.. It is not what you are thinking. That is Amanda, she brings all the paperwork for me. If you come tonight, then I will spend the rest of the night with you. not with someone else as you are imagining..." M replied

"I am tired."
"I will send a driver to pick you up."
"Well that is not nice but you can take it easy... we will take a bubblebath and I will massage you to make you relax."

and he hung up the phone.
Aura wears her black long dress. She looks pretty with her face a bit pink.
The driver comes to pick her up not so long in the car and she is already in the big hotel room.

M open the door... she missed him and forgets all the stupid and disappointing things that are in her head. she just wants to be with him...

 It was 9 o'clock in the morning when Aura wakes up from her phone alarm. M set the alarm. There is an sms from M.... good morning sunshine...  time to shower and put on your clothes. it's almost check-out time.

"oh damn you..." Aura thinks.

 Raining again, but it's just a few drops of water blown by the wind. Aura runs to the taxi.  She reads her agenda. Full with appointments and notes that she made to remember.

To forget you!

 One big sentence that she wrote on her agenda. She is lost. She can not forget M. He just comes and goes whenever he wants. He never promises a commitment but he just drops the relationship whenever he wants. Never fighting to win her attention. One moment he sends a message that he wants her, but another time he just dissappears. Another moment he said he misses her but suddenly he is gone. With his status as a married man now, Aura is supposed to know that she can't complain about his behavior. They have a commitment not to be committed at all.Sad but there are no tears anymore for him.

She is in a loosing position, begging for his time for her. She feels unwanted when he does not contact her. She is turning 40 this month. The only thing that keeps her life going is her steady job, her sister in law whom is always very kind to her, her ex husband whom until now still always is a shoulder for her when she needs it, and friends to kill the blue and dark days.

Not loving you anymore.
Why do I miss you!

 Red ink handwriting on the agenda. Oh God, it's not a diary but why are you filling my head. It has been a month since she can not reach M mobile. Suddenly she realized that what she was regretting was not the lost past but the lost future, not what had not been but what would never be. She feels broken inside but she doesn't admit to it. She just wants to hide because it is him she misses and it's so hard to say goodbye.

There is nothing she wouldn't do to have just one more chance to look into his eyes and see him looking back. She knows seasons must change and time must move on, but there will be an emplty space in her heart and soul.

Then she feels a fire on her body and she smiles.

She stops to win him over once. No reason to stay is a good reason to go. Time to make right what has been wrong. It hurt because it mattered.

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