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Read Novel Online 2017:You Own Me One Night-Desi Oorschot

December 10, 2015

I Take off my clothes and turn on the hot water. Trying to empty my brain of all the memories. I can hear the wind blowing through the tree outside. Can smell the grass and the fresh water touching the leaves of the tree outside the bathroom in the back garden of my bathroom.

No music today. The smell of the bath soap fills the room. What a long day, relaxing with the sound of the wind.  A warm atmosphere is spreading from the candle that is alight.


The front door bell wakes me up. Lazily I grab my bath robe. Open my front door. Maura is walking back to her car, at the same time when she sees me opening the door. A little girl with long hair. With her high heel, she starts to open the car door of her passenger front seat. Holding  a cake in her hand. It is not my birthday today.

Walking on her high heel, she is laughing. “I am early tonight as usually…” “ Yeah and I’m all wet standing in front of my front door now.” Hugging her. I can tell by the look on her face that she is so happy tonight.

I take her into the living room. Everyone gets Cranberry juice, as a guest in my house. She decide to spend a night in my home, if she is not lucky tonight hehehe.

She can only sleep in my living room. With a blanket of coz she can be so comfortable there. I just don’t like so much if people use my guess room. Because it is actually my office where I put all my files.

She is busy with her tablet when I’m entering the living room.” Let’s go.” I say.
Tonight, she insists to use my car to go to Laura’s home, so we can go together . The road is empty. Only a few minutes we are already in the front gate of Laura home.

---- **** __

Laura is my step sister. Anm is my ex husband. He leaves me to her. I’m working for her in one floor office in the city. Laura’s security gate opens the gate. The security recognize me and start letting me enter and takes my car to the parking area.

Laura has a big house, she always invites her clients to her home for grand opening or small party. She loves to have a small party at home.

I can hear the music playing slowly. No one singing, only music. I can hear Laura with some people there. “Hi Aura,” her face getting roses. “You look great tonight Aura.” “Thanks.” I can smell the champagne. “You smell fresh and good as usual.” I smile. She is always so sweet and polite. I like her.

“This is M. The owner of the new gallery that will open tomorrow.” Laura introduces me and Aura to him. He and 2 others his assistants were there. There are 6 people total.

M is taking us to see the display of his jewelry. Starting tomorrow he will display that in the jewellery store that he rents in our company. He start explaining his jewellery. Putting the jewellery display on me. I’m feel more like his customer more than that he try to explain what is the good thing about his jewelry. He makes me feel I’m the one who will buy the jewelry. Puts it on my shoulder. For awhile feel like he is the man who is buying me jewellery for me. I wish he were.

After he says something about the jewellery around my neck, I realize I’m just wearing it to see how it is looks. He is showing how it looks on me.

Maura look so happy when he start explaining, how she has to focus on her body instead of her shoes. He compliment her, how good is the jewellery on Maura neck with her long hair hanging free.


The Food looks so tempting but I just eat the main course. I’m full seeing the cake that Maura took to my home tonight. The waiter ask if I want to add more food, no… I have to say it.

M doesn’t look excited. Tomorrow is his grand opening for his new jewellrey company but he doesn’t look so exciting. His assistant Anton start explaining how everything was going today with me and him. How I helped him a lot to re-arrange locating the jewellery. Including the place where the display jewelry night will be standing to shown officially in the gallery tomorrow.

The small party is going smoothly. M asks Maura if she wants spend a night with Anton so that they can open the gallery tomorrow morning together. Anton stay in the apartment that they also rent together with the office room. Maura seems hitting her single target again.

Maura is our partner. Maura is the advisor of my company. She is giving advise for an apartment for our client who will buy or rent our company’s room.

__ ***___

20 Minutes drive from Laura’s home, not too far from our office. I’m driving my car in the emply night road. One or two cars I see passing by. It is cold tonight, not going to be rain.

Laura help me to buy my house with 2 bed rooms. I use one bed room as office room in my home and the other room as my main bed room. It is big house for me with a small garden on the back garden of my bath room.

I’m so happy with the house. Laura helps me a lot to continue my life after my separate with Anm. Her brother. We work together. It is not busy. After a year, this business start breathing again.

The car which I’m driving now also a company car. With small logo on it, as a promotion of our company now.

Laura is single. Her partner is living with his girl friend now. M is her college’s friend when they were studying business entrepreneur California, United States.

___ *** ___

I can hear music when I enter my bed room… My blue dress lying is on my bed. I don’t remember that there is note saying “THANK YOU” on the cake that Maura bring for me. It is next to my living room desk. I remember I close my bed room door, but the music make me walk around and look back to the living room.

___ *** ____

“Anm, is that you?”

___ *** ____

Walking in the busy street in the shopping center. M looks so untouchable. His jacket hugging him so warm and tight, screaming to protect him. He stops in one of the shoes stores . Where all the young girls are together with their friend spending the days there, so cosy because they put little cake department there in the middle.

“What do you think?” “The shoes are good on you but not on me.” The long haired girl answer her girl friend. “Hmmm yeah on my clothes  that I wear today. I’m not really sure. It is not the first time I want to buy another pair of shoes again, but they are all so beautiful, I feel I want to move them all to my home hehehehehe…. Ohhhh nooo my purse start screaming hehehehe….” She is laughing.

M starts thinking… looking to these two girls that interest him. How they fall in love so easily with the shoes that they want to buy.

The shoes remind him of her. The shoes’s colour is just like Dian Skin, his ex girlfriend. The high heel just so much scream when she wear it for a surprise sunset that we spend on the beach…

Dian takes off her shoes and we walk around on the sand. They can feel the cold water on their feet as they are walking on the beach.

She falls in love again with her client. It was 3 years ago.

The shoes store is now filled with the customer. Those two girls start taking pictures and enjoying the interior of the store. They look gorgeous there.

___ *** ___

I’m late, not late to the office today. I’m late to wake up early today as I want it.

Driving my car, 20 minutes to the office area in the center. It is still early, but cars already fill the road. My favourite singer Michael Bulton is played on the radio.

Hard to forget you Anm. You are almost in every air that I breath now, untill we choose to move on. After our relations become you and me only.

____ *** ____

Two months later…

I enter my office room. Open all the windows curtains. Enjoy my warm chocolate milk. The screen server still show my lovely moment with Anm. Not trying to change it yet. Don’t have a good picture to replace it yet.

Iám happy with my condition now.

I’m getting independence. With Anm’s help still. Nothing much to do today, still have to check the office that we rent to M. If they need anything.

The door is automatically open when I enter. I can see Anton in the corner of the company, busy with the client. He is nodding his head, as greeting and seeing me entering the room.

The medium big table just like I want it with a fresh flower starts taking my attention. The fresh flower smell fills the room. As I am walking around, facing the company logo area side, I can see the blue water fountain there on the table and in the middle stand a little jewellery miniature that I wore a few month ago at the grand opening.

 It  looks stunning in the middle with a little poetry in the front. *If love is the answer*. That brings a big smile  on me. I remember that he treats me like I'm the buyer instead of trying to explain the interesting part of the jewellery.

“Hahahaha of course we will come back to see it again.” Maura come with a gentleman at her side.
“I’m sure I will be back. I will ask my wife which one she likes more. Because it is hard to decide by my self. I love all of the jewellery. It is supposed to be surprise but I want her really happy. I’m sure when we come here and let her choose, that will be a surprise for her. Thank you for your help.” 

“Of coz Of coz Mr. Regent. I will love to meet Mrs. Regent as soon as possible. We already  put all you like, so it will be easier for her to choose which one is your present for her that will make her really happy.”

“ Thank you. I appreciate that. Don’t forget our appointment, the dates is really important to decide.”
Maura reply: “Yes of coz”. she is smiling now. She is escorting the guest that she calls Mr. Regent to leave the gallery.

“Hai Aura, how are you? Let's go inside.” She hugs me and takes me to the office room. I start entering the open door with two jewellery displays on the left and right. So beautiful just like I want them. The jewellery store full with jewelry display but I love the two of the jewellery pillars there. With the little water effect and light going behind it.

____ *** ____

Maura hugs M. She kisses him. My Handphone almost slip from my hand. She start talking. She is late this month. Maura is pragnant now. They are having a baby. They are planning a wedding soon. I can’t hear her anymore. Music plays in my bed room. My blue dress is on my bed side.

Her voice wakes me up.

“I need your help for our wedding location Aura. I already choose, but M loves somewhere else. On the top of the mountain. Above the hill. He wants it surrounded with ocean. I like it also. But now, it is for my own wedding. It seems too much to think by my self. I need your advice. I want it really beautiful ... instead of danger.”

____ *** _____

“I don’t mind to help. But why don’t you ever tell me about this.
It is not that I’m not happy but… can you undertand ?”
My voice starts replying the person on the other phone.

___ *** ____

Dian died, still holding a red wine glass  when they found her in the bed room.

___ *** ___

Aura calls her ex-husband. Not important. He said. He hang up the phone. Before she gets hurt because he knows her better.

___ *** ___

On the top of hill, where the wedding will be held. Aura stands with her rose wind.

M is holding his cranberry juice.

Aura stands facing the city from the top of hill. All the light are on. It was spring. The wind blows her clothes that she wear. She look beautiful with her night long orange dress. M hugs her from behind.

For awhile she almost forgets that this is the place where M choose to spend the wedding.

The flowers falls touching Aura face. Can smell the banquet so relaxing.

“ I don’t want we meet again.“ Aura voice break the silent. “Not like this.” She turn her body and facing M.

“I’m serious. I can not.”

M holding her hands, moving her hair so that he can sees her face better. He tries to kiss her but she turning her face.

Quiet night on top of hill. Seeing the street light all the way far down the hill. Light on and off start blinking as the wind moving. The silent night. The light from the night club across the hill so beautiful. Following the music ritme. The housings area and villas on the top of hill  a cross where they stand now.

“I understand.“ M answer .”It is not what I want also. You were busy with your work and didn’t have time for me. Maura, she is always there. Ïám sorry””

“ Yes but I don’t want we meet again like this only you and me. I cannot help. You can ask her to hire a wedding organizer instead of me.“

“This place, you and the wedding. I cannot. I can keep going on like this but not with Maura. She is just like my best co worker now. We share almost everything.”

Aura can’t refuse M when he start touches her lips and kissing her.

___ ***___

The light of the sunrise is entering the bed room. The sound of the ocean. Breakfast in the room. An orange juice and toast smell fill the room. M is sitting on the table , reading his daily newspaper. He wakes me up ….. with strange feeling…..

I’m looking at M with his newspaper in his hand. Being honest to myself, I can’t let you go... I know it isn’t right.You were never supposed to mean this much to me. I was never supposed to fall so hard.
But …

Even there is a “forgive” there will be no “forget”.

---- *** -----

Maura is busy preparing her wedding celebration.
* Classic reception spaces are outfitted with gorgeous fixtures,
* A crystal chandelier and wall sconces that add an elegant ambiance to the space.
* The silver candlesticks on the dining table give off a soft glow decoration.
* The glass hurricane with pillar candles for the same romantic effect make the atmosphere more modern.
* The spotlight to show off a raw bar with some various cocktails.
* Beautiful ice sculptures with a gorgeous wedding cake.
* A fresh little grape tree garden in the corner of the wedding garden look stunning where people can enjoy the grapes.
* 100 people are invited to the sitting wedding garden celebration on the top of the hill. Not many guests are invited, they are all family and best friends only.
* 10 big wedding tables decorated with fall colored table settings with orange champagne and tan flowers and candles.
*Fresh flowers will be every where, decorating the buffet.

---- *** -----

Far away from the wedding preparation. 8 hours flying, Aura trying to get away from M and Maura and the wedding. Alone in a big hotel room with a king size modern bed, Aura sits in front of the wide window facing the Niagara Falls. The beautiful night light cross over the Niagara Falls in the U.S.A. TGI friday down the road, a big casino building with modern stores inside it, can not calm down her brain. She misses him. She can not get M out of her mind.

Holding a glass of Tequilla Sun Rise in her hand, searching for a special music to play in YouTube via her hand-phone. No song can describes her feeling at that moment. She feels alone. She starts to dial her ex husband's phone number, Anm. They agree to meet in lunchtime soon after Aura is back after her 3 days trip in Canada.

---- *** -----

A Japanese styled restaurant, still in the beach area.
Freely overlooking the yard that in the corner of the beach. It was a cold and cloudy day. Wearing sun glasses, sitting in the terrace of the restaurant Aura is waiting for Anm to have lunch together. Not too long after her siting at the table, Anm is coming. He is smiling, and kisses her cheek when he comes. They order Japanese cuisine with one bottle Cava, a white wine with bubble.

Aura is trying to be polite by asking how Anm is doing, his new family and work before she start talking about her own problems that bother her. She needs his opinion. An opinion from someone who used to be really close to her more then a best friend.

She tells him everything, that she cannot get M out of her mind but now he is going to get married next month. About their meeting on the Hill where the wedding will be held and how finally they spend the night together because she wants him so much.

Anm tells her that he can not give her any advice other then she should let him know. What he should know is that she wants him in her life and she can't give anymore. Before it's too late, before the wedding is held.

---- *** -----

To be continue: 13-12-2016

The day has changed to evening. Anm holding Aura’s weist as they walk together to the car.  He opens the front car door for her.
She hugs him all the way that the car takes her home.
---- *** -----
Men and their brain, Aura wishes everything could be just that simple.
She can not accept if the answer is no. It’s just that, she is not ready to let him go. Aura is asking herself if she really wants him to cancel his wedding. Doubting her own feeling.
She is trying to ignore her brain thinking so hard and try to listen to her own feelings saying.... I want him...
She is hardly thinking what  to do to win him over. She wants something that she is not allowed to have... A winning ego takes over her brain.
---- *** -----
M wears a tight black suit accompanied with a red tie. when She looked at him. all she saw was all she wanted.
Aura is wearing a grey sexy dress under her coat. The coat covering her bare skin. She looks smart and independent.
It was a jewelry exhibition with a show, participated by some companies. There are around 20 jewelry stands there that show beautiful jewelry.
Anm is busy talking with a young lady that shows interest in his collection. She is trying one or two bracelets that interests her among the beautiful collection.
Aura sits in the cafe of the exhibition with a glass of Montana sunset. Can’t take her eyes off him. She told him that she will come by the exhibition but it seems he is too busy.
Anm comes to Aura’s table for a few seconds before he said “sorry, cannot stay long to accompany her".  He is very busy. He gives his hotel room key to Aura telling her if she wants to meet him in the evening then she can use the room to relax in the day. It’s a well-known 5 star hotel located in the business center area close to the exhibition hall.
Aura takes the key, finishes her drink. Drives her car to the hotel and leaves the key at the hotel front desk.

---- *** -----
She opens her agenda, empty.
Only a meeting with Rebecca, her new client. Purpose : disscuss about the new project that she wants to rent a room for her company. Time : 19.00. Venue : Catch by Simonis Restaurant
The rest : Follow up all client requests from the last note in the agenda page.
The next page of her agenda : Sophia Orsel lunch birthday

---- *** -----

To be continue: 19-12-2016

"I was very disappointed when entering the hotel room and you were not there."
"I was leaving a present for you on the bed. It was supposed to be a suprise gift for you, but you missed it."
"I can not talk now. I am in the middle of a meeting." I answered the phone
It was when I was in the middle of a meeting with Rebecca when M called me.
" Oh, you are busy tonight. Iam glad to know that. Why don’t you tell me? Will you come over after the meeting?"
"No, I can not. I should also not come by in the day to visit you." " I have to hang up now."
"What time is  the meeting over? I will pick you up"
"No, I do not think that is necessary."
"I am not asking you. I want to do it. I will call you back in 30 minutes, by that time I expect you are done with the meeting. So please don’t make me dissappointed  again."

................. He hangs up the phone.
It is 09.00 pm when my phone rings again...
In 30 minutes he arrives in front of the restaurant. I have to leave my car in the restaurant parking area. I introduce M as my client to Rebecca. He wears t-shirt and blue jeans with black jacket. He looks young and sportive.
Rebecca looks very disappointed that the meeting has to continue in my office but she understands that it is night already and some of the material that she needs is also in my office. 

---- *** -----

To be continued :  31 December 2016

They spend time walking by boulevard next to the river. They kissed.

The sound of the ocean breaks the silent night. The wind blows through Aura's hair.She feels the cold of the wind on her bare hands.She closes her coat. Warm...

The night is getting cold. The stars in the sky shine bright.

Aura asks M to take her home instead of staying in the big hotel room to spend the night with him.She is tired but happy. Happy that M will always have time for her but she knows, she cannot share him with anyone else.

She decided her destiny already. To be happy. To have someone not just when she need it but all the time by her side.

Someone to hug me in every bad and good moment.

She knows, M cannot do that for her. Feeling free and no burden even when her tears drop. She lost him already by letting him go to  continue his life.

No matter how bad it hurts or how bad she feel, It’s time to stop thinking about him who took her love for granted, who wasn’t contented with what she could give him.She can’t stay at that hurtful place anymore. She can’t keep shedding tears over someone who doesn’t deserve the love she gave. She can’t keep feeling sorry for her self and thinking if only her did more.

Can’t make him want the relationship because if he wanted he wouldn’t have let go of her. She deserves better now someone who appreciates her and who wont play with her delicate heart..

Just like a cut on her will take time to heal as well. That is not the end of her life. She will get over that pain that she have right now and one day she will be happy again.


M hugs Aura in front of the door. He hugs her tight as he don’t want let her go.

---- *** ----

Early morning in the office, Aura found a fresh flower bouquet with a purple card. 
" I have a lovely give for you, when I can give it to you ?" Send by M.

Instead of replying the note in the card that M sent to her, Aura opens her agenda and phone.

Meeting Anm in a Japanese restaurant. That note catches her eyes.

So sad, in her difficult time, no one by her side. She remembers she has to fly to Canada to make herself feel better. But nothing can make her feel better. It was Anm there, that she called with his welcome response.

It was Anm, her ex husband was always there in her difficult times.

Tomorrow is a big opening of the office for Rebecca. She is renting 2 offices and made it into one. A contractor office. They invite her for the grand opening. All her clients and new employee will be there. She and Maura are invited as a building management representative.

It is a big project for Aura because they will rent the office for long term and it is a big reliable company.

The fresh bouquet from M remind her to send one to Rebecca. She orders a congratulations bouquet for the new company address to Rebecca as the President Director of the company.


It was raining hard, when Maura comes to Aura's office. Discussing all the work before her leave for a month within 2 weeks of her wedding celebration.

She looks beautiful for a 2 months pregnant woman. Her belly looks bigger but the wedding dress will hide it. She gives a wedding invitation to Aura, hoping she will come.

She compliments her that the fresh flower bouquet is beautiful that she got from M which stands on the table next to the window but of course she doesn't know who is the sender is.


Aura and Maura are attending Rebecca's office grand opening. It's held in a big party room. A lot of sitting party tables fill the room. No stage, just a microphone in the middle of the room.-

The room filled with all gentlemen wearing tuxedo's and coats and women in formal party dresses.

They open the party with a short opening speech from the Public Relations officer. Then continue with a fine dinner on the table.

Then some free time after dinner.

Outside the dinning room they have an open casino with roulette and poker table.

live music on a stage with a dance floor. Snack stands and cocktail drink-stands completed the room.

Aura failed to enjoy the night. She crossed paths with someone who broke her heart, Maura. Without her knowing it. All night long she is trying to be respectful, polite, and kind when she spends the night with her.

Aura doesn't want to think about competing with her.


The next day after the party. Aura goes to the office as usual. During the day, she is feeling unhealthy. Headache and want to throw up. She feels she needs oxygen. Maybe because of the weather she thinks. It is a cold autumn this time. It is too cold outside the building but people keep themselves warm inside the building with the heater.

Cold and warm and temperature changes makes her feel unhealthy. She never thought that maybe it is because she thinks too much recently. She has a job to think and also her personal life. She doesn't realize that her personal life brings stress on her, making her not in a good mood to handle the weather changes.

She is sick, thinking about M who is going to get married soon but in the other side she tries to move on and letting him go.

His note, from M that Aura remember. “Will he come to visit me?” Just to spend time to hug, to make her comfortable while she is feeling unwell. She is doubting herself. That is why. She thinks. He will be unavailable for her.

She tries to relax her brain, she grabs her bag and goes to the Marriott hotel located in the center of the city. She brings her laptop with her. A cup of green tea with honey. It will help me to relax, she thinks.

Not so many people in Pillars at that time, in the hotel's lobby restaurant.She opens her laptop. Trying to read her work and project on the laptop. She starts to type and continue her work.

The hotel employees behind the bar are busy talking with each other, when she orders a cup of tea. Nobody in the hotel lobby. Just hotel guests passing the receptionist going to their room or to the lobby restaurant. Some guys sitting at the bar. Another couple is enjoying their dinner in the restaurant.

The waiter brings her a cup of green tea with honey. The green tea and a warm temperature inside the hotel lobby restaurant helps her to relax from a hectic time.Then she realized that she needs a wifi connection to continue her work.

" Is the wifii only avalable for hotel guests?", Aura asks the hotelstaff politely.
" No, it is also available for you Mam " The hotel staff answers

He is wearing a black jacket with tie, she assumes that he has a position in the hotel and not only a normal employee.The hotel staff connects her laptop with wifi free internet connection that is available in the hotel. By the time she finds that the hotel lobby restaurant is full with more people. Some  business partner discussing their work in the lobby and some hotel guests talk to eachother in the bar. Another guest enjoys their meal in the restaurant and a group of people meeting in the restaurant.

Her attention goes to a man sitting behind his laptop. With a glass of wine, he is busy typing. She is not the only one who is bringing the work outside the office, she thinks.

Aura reads her property website in the internet and starts updating her job Key Responsibilities and Duties.

•    Convincing prospective clients that her company  is the right one to handle their company building that they will rent and agree the terms
•    Arranging advertising to promote the property
•    Maintain accurate information on company website
•    Sending out details of new properties on the market to people on the database
•    Present purchase offers to buyers for consideration
•    Provide rental rate recommendations by surveying local rental rates; forecast expenses, and profit goals.
•    Interview clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking.
•    Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases.
•    Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold in order to determine its competitive market price.
•    Making appointments and showing buyers around a property to prospective buyers.
•    Finding buyers in a position to proceed with purchase and willing to pay an acceptable price
•    Refering buyers to mortgage arrangers for quotations and advice
•    Inspect interior and exterior of properties according to regular schedule, daily, weekly, monthly.
•    Conduct services in a polite and professional manor at all times
•    Maintain property by investigating and resolving tenant complaints, enforcing rules of occupancy, coordinating repairs, assist in planning renovations.

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