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Read Novel Online 2017: My Littel Soul-Desi Oorschot

Living in the mountains doesn’t give me so much contact with social life. In the little garden, I plant some flowers. In the spring and summer time, they are so beautiful. Giving a fresh look all the way Iám walking in and out of the housing area.

In the night, I’m always put the fireplace on. I try to keep the house cold, so the fire will not make the house too warm. But it is enough to bring a warm atmosphere. The house is surrounded by pose, mountains and little birds are flying around. This night is too cold, the wind moves so hard. I can see the rain come together with the wind.

My little girl “Soul”  is sitting on the top of carpet in front of the fireplace. She is holding the papers from the city that she has brought today. As usual, she is not talking too much. The tv is on. News again. She likes following the news. She dreams one day to move to the city and leaves this house as her vacation house.

“ That is looks interesting. What are you holding on?” Vivian asks her daughter.
“Nothing mom, only grocery paper advertising from the city.”

Vivian tries to come closer. She can see  that she is trying to hide something in between the papers that she is holding. News on tv is showing, tomorrow we will have thunder. “Why does Daddy never answer my phone, Is mom making him not to talk to me?” Soul tries to deal with it her self

I can see the headline news from the daily newspaper that Soul tried to hide. My concentration is interrupted. I'm trying to get warm and comfortable. Warm chocolate milk, my favourite drink in the cold weather.

Soul, she grows up becomes my little dream. The newspaper she brought from the city shows a familiar face. Her daddy, the Senator.

Smells nice, a fresh cup cake from the oven. What a nice cup cake, so beautiful for a cake. Everything’s are changed by machine now, but decorating cupcakes with the new baking form that I saw yesterday in the city is really fantastic. Saving a lot of my time just to decorate a cup cake.

___ ** ___

The city where we are living is now busy with the preparation of the Senator’s visit.

Working together with the clothes store, the citizens make costumes to wear at the party. The grand opening of the wine factory party. Together with the neighbour, we are decorating the housing area and the street with different colours of fresh flowers.

A beautiful girl with some good looking boys around, my little *Soul* grows to become a beautiful young lady. With her strong character, she starts giving direction in among her friends. You are again, Jose van Santen on her figure that I see. Soul and her friends are on the local tv, the news shows the preparation of the wine factory’s opening.

Vivian is enjoying the cup cake with the warm chocholate milk. It seems *Soul* has a boy friend in her team. Decorating the city with flowers in the city, the city look different when the senator will come to Aspen village.

In the thunder, people in the city are still busy and exciting decorating the road and the city to welcome the  senator to the city for the grand opening of the wine factory. They start decorating the road with little trees all the way, so beautiful. Putting on the floor the green decoration carpet  on the street all the way to the lake. The Senator will stay in the hotel a few days before the grand opening.

___ ** ___

Dan comes to my home with a fresh flower. He is always being a nice and lovely. A dream gentleman.

15 years ago I got to know Dan. Soul likes him. The room full with the smell of the fresh flowers .Some people makes many kind of foods, they makes it look interesting and inviting us to eat. They make decoration for the food stand with flowers, so beautiful.

There is no dancing of parade, only some citizen wearing costumes on the opening day of the wine walking around to celebrate the party. A big wine bottle is displayed at the end of the parade for the senator. It is the senator walking along with his employee.

The senator’s car and his empoloyee´s car stops alongside the road.  Some of the senator’s people and senator him self walk through the little fresh tree. There is a big wine display at the end of the parade way. The senator is waving only once. The camera flash lights up the way he is walking.

Television is picturing mature pretty women in between the citizens that are trying to see the coming of the senator. She is Vivian Dante. No body but you, the big picture of my little Soul. That is what is crossing Vivian´s mind when she sees his face again. A man that I loved 15 years ago. Jose van Santen, the Senator.

I fell in love with him but I have  never  been able to have him at my side. Soul the only one I have to always remind me about him, failed to make you fall in love with me.

Dan, a good charming man. He is always there for me. A man that every woman dreams about. Yet my heart will always be with Jose, some one I will never have.

I’m happy with my life now. Having some one in my bad and a good time to share, Dan dante.

I met him, Jose when he visited our village. We were so young. He was working for an airlines company at that time. A young mature man that attracted me. We danced and talked all night long.

We met a few times after that party night. Until finally I had soul. It was then I knew "Soul" started growing in my body.

We never agreed in many things, we always had different opinions but I love him. Until he decided to start working for the government.

Now, he is a senator. After 15 years I only hear about him from my little Soul, I can see him directly now. He is visiting our village.

___ *** ____

A young man left an invitation letter with a rose. He is an employee of Jose van Santen.

Meet me in *…..  at 07.00pm

*…. It’s a fancy building where the fashion shows are always held there. They have a famous restaurant in the city. On the side of the big city, full of the light.

I’m still  love him but it is not a romance anymore in my memory. Just missing talking with him, shares my days and hearing him telling about his busy day.

He offered a driver with his car to pick Vivian up but she refused.

She got there by taxi. The atmosphere of the building relaxes her brain. There is a fresh, sportive smell in the building. Brings extra energy on her day.

Vivian chooses to wait in  the living room in the restaurant. It is always busy there. People meeting each other and spending their evening there. Live music plays in the coffee area, close to the lobby.

The beautiful singer sings *I'm Your Angel by Celine Dion*

It was 07.00 pm when her mobile started ringing. “ I’m in front of the door, where are you ?”. The senator send her sms to her mobile phone.

Vivian replies,” in the living room. So we can go to the restaurant together”

To be continue……………….

Posted :  Wednesday, 23 Maart 2016

An sms rings on Vivian's mobile phone : Life moves pretty fast,  If you don’t stop and look around only a while, you could miss it. Sent by unknown number. 

I dont want to fall in love again, not at all but at same time you smile and the flash back memory comes................. 

You won’t be there to catch me when I fall ...........

If I could bring back memories, I would bring the first day I kissed you.. I looked you in the eyes and felt love. Thank God an angel came into my life! No matter what, you are a daddy of my little Soul.

Don’t turn around now, you may see me cry.  
I want to hold you in my arms and never let go. 

Dinner has been ordered. The room filled with candles and we can hear the live music from the living room... So romantic.

"Soul asked why don’t you ever answer her call for the last month, " Vivian's asks "Are you that busy ? I told her, maybe you are just busy... but she looked sad and not happy."

"I miss you.....  "Jose answered. " Good, then you know, I don’t have to explain anymore how I feel then. I have not tried not to contact you all this time Until tonight when we meet again. You look so beautiful. "

" What I wouldn’t do just to be with you. I know, I must forget you to go on ". Vivian's talk to her self.

But seeing Soul, sad and unhappy because there was no reply from her daddy, I have to put my self aside, I come attending the invitation for Soul’s sake.

Hearing what Jose said, he is not make the situation easy. After a few years, just because he is coming to the city, he tried to bring all the memory back.

___ *** ____

It was in the middle of the night when Vivian found her self laying down naked on a big clean hotelbed, next to Jose’ who was still asleep.

She grabbed her clothes and tried to find an excuse to Dan for coming home late at night.

She is worried but cannot stop smiling. The wine, the music, she could not hide her face blushing because of shame. She couldn’t resist when Jose's hand slightly moving to touch her breast while they were enjoying dinner. They kissed.

___ *** ___

Vivian In the taxi on the way home. The night is so cold, the taxi moving fast without any other car in the road. It's a quiet night.

Vivian drops a tear

You still live inside me, I hate you because I can't remove you.
You are the only one I wish to forget. I dont want to be without you.
The times you hurt me, and put tear on my face.

___ *** ____

We were as one babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine

Now you want to be free
So I'm letting you fly
Cause I know in my heart babe
Our love will never die

You'll always be a part of me
I'm a part of you indefinitely
Girl don't you know you can't escape me
Ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby
And we'll linger on
Time can't erase a feeling this strong
No way you're never gonna shake me
Ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

I ain't gonna cry no
And I won't beg you to stay
If you're determined to leave girl
I will not stand in your way
But inevitably you'll be back again
Cause ya know in your heart babe
Our love will never end no

I know that you'll be back girl
When your days and your nights get a little bit colder oooohhh
I know that, you'll be right back, babe
Ooooh! baby believe me it's only a matter of time

Always be my baby
David Cook

Soul is standing in front of the door. With her low and sweetheart voice, she asks Vivian.

"Mom, can I also invite dad to my birthday celebration? He asked me what I want for my 16th birthday. So I'm thinking to invite Dad. I will be happy if he can come.

" Of course you can invite him"   Vivian answers. Vivian didn't talk with Jose again since the last time they had dinner.

Soul hugs Vivian happy. " Thank you Mom."

___ ** ___

Soul comes to her Daddy's apartment.

It is in the city center. She comes to visit her Daddy. Taking the invitation of her daddy just to celebrate her birthday with him. She was planning a party to celebrate the birthday with her best friend’s Sally, her mother and Dan. Now she will invite her father to celebrate her birthday dinner party. But Soul cancelled her dinner party with family and  will only celebrate it with her father.

She takes bus to the city and takes the underground to come to her daddy's apartment.

It is a long trip for her but she is happy. Sightseeing in the crowded city. Much different than her own village where she lives with her mother now.

She rings the bell of the big apartment door where his daddy’s lives. A woman opens the door for her. The house maid. She takes her to the guest room.

It is a big room. Soul takes her small travelling suitcase to the room and as she enters the bedroom she can smell vanilla fragrance from the room air freshener.

She lies down on the big bed and starts wondering when she looks out of the window. It is 6pm already and getting dark outside.

She opens the window and she could see the high buildings with light crossed over the apartment building. Cars going crossing and some people walking around the stores  eating or drinking outside the high building.

She likes what she sees.

The phone rings in the bedroom as she's finishing shower.
Stumbling into her bedroom, she grabs the phone before it is switch over to voice mail. It is her daddy says welcome home to her. Saying sorry that she has to have dinner alone tonight but he promises her to accompany her tomorrow to sightseeing the city and going to buy clothes and shoes  for her.

Her Mom and dad have the same taste in the design of the living room. A big table in the middle of the room fit for 8 people. But daddy's house is more modern.

With a big electronic piano  between the living room and the dining room.

Soul is sitting alone at a big table. She is keeping herself busy, by calling her mother. She tells her how happy she is in the city trip. She texts  her best friend and tells her how curious she is where her daddy will take her to go shopping for clothes and shoes.

___ ** ___

The Coffee Shop in the middle of an interesting town. Some young girls meet their friends ans spend their time drinking beer and soda. They enjoy the sun and the lovely day there.

They are all in the average age of her daughter Soul. They are having cigarettes. They are talking about their day, friends among them and fashion. Some of them holding and reading fashion magazine.

A little concerned she is watching. Drinking alcohol and  smoking cigarettes. Ruining their innocent and natural beauty. But Soul is a growing up. She slowly learns how to be independent.

Escorting her to the bus station to visit her daddy is enough to make her grow up.

___ ** ___

I’m happy to have arrived in Daddy’s home. It’s a big and nice apartment. It has a dining table as big as our house.. Tomorrow we are going shopping and have birthday dinner. I’am looking forward to see the city.

Love & Hug

Knowing she has arrived safely already makes Vivian happy. Its the first time Soul travels far away from home and all by herself. At least, she is going to meet her daddy.

Vivian is checking her mobile and a bit disappointed. No message at all from Jose. No message saying that their daughter arrived and that he is happy that she has come, nothing at all. Vivian never contacted Jose anymore since she left the hotel. He doesnt even try to reach her again.

Vivian was a foreign language teacher in her home town. Now she is not longer  teaching She has an administration job at the college where she used to teach.

Dan is always busy with his job and his hobby activity, which is musical entertainment beside his routine job. Some times he leaves the house for a whole day in the weekend because of the music.

Vivian tries to finish her job deadline that she brings from office to the little coffee shop beside she enjoys the red wine and the sun shine. Reading a sms from her dear daughter makes her missing the girl and feeling lonely.

The sun is shining. The town is busy. The town is full with people going outside their home just to enjoying the sun in the coffee shop or even go shopping together with the family. It is weekend already.

___ ** ___

Dad took me to a fancy restaurant in the city. It was me, daddy and his personal assistant, she is so beautiful.

She bought me a surprisingly long dress for me (daddy bought it and she choose it as a surprise and I love it). The dress is a bit too small for me.

Today before dinner,  we went to the shop where I can change the dress for a bigger size... haha 1 size bigger is just to big for me. I love the dress, so they helped me by making it fit.  I LOVE IT the result. Look good on me. She sent her mother a picture of her in her new dress, standing in the bed room.

Vivian’s face is getting warm. "It was me, daddy and his beautiful personal assistant." Suddenly the blood is going to her face, jealous feeling.

Not that she is thinking that Jose is enjoying his single live. It just brings  back to her that night. The night they were heated by their passion. The night they had sex.

Vivian is alone in the restaurant after work when she gets a phone call from her daughter. She closes the paperwork that she brought with her and enjoying the food and juice. Vivian looks beautiful and happy tonight. But She can’t denied her own feeling, she misses her daughter.

 A charming guy comes close to her table, asking her if they can share the table but Vivian rather enjoys the moment by herself . She smiles and try to be polite while she say no.

___ ** ___

Vivian tries to send a message to Jose. She can't just wait and do nothing at all without hearing anything from Jose.

"Are you guys having a good time together? Soul was so happy to visit you and celebrate the birthday."

message send

A week went by. But she didn't get any reply from Jose. She started to feel that she really lost him now. No reply, no response.

I have to move on and forget you, or learn to forget you again. Almost forgot the feeling of losing someone that you care for.

I fall in love again. Vivian thinks. I can't do that.

I already have a partner now. I'm not allowed to have these feelings.

2 weeks later. When Vivian starts to learn to forget Jose and her sms that she sent, she got an sms reply from Jose.

When Soul is here, we have a good time. A lot of things she seen, new restaurants, shopping centers and the river close to my apartment.

If you are here, a lot more things we can do together.

Vivian closed her phone. Feeling strange, she doesn't know what to feel. Happy or sad. She decides to never contact him anymore and only let Soul keep in touch with her daddy.

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